Are You Ready To Become A Certified Erickson And Lanning CBCI Trainer?

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As a certified Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Trainer, the opportunities for growth are endless, as are the ways in which you can integrate the certification into your specific career focus.

Whether you plan to lead workshops, coach teachers or utilise the learning in your classroom, by joining an expanding group of thought leaders, focused on transforming education, together... we can change the world.

The Erickson and Lanning CBCI Trainer Certification is specifically designed to prepare you as a leader in Curriculum Design and Professional Learning

Join for this nine-month online program to...

Develop a deep understanding of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction so that you are able to accurately, fluently, and confidently explain the principles to others.

Practice crafting clear generalizations, or conceptual understandings, so you can confidently lead curriculum design.

​Practice coaching others to write generalizations beyond your area of expertise so you can support the High School Math teacher AND the Kindergarten teacher.

​Understand how to help teachers fix common curriculum design errors so you can cut through the frustration.

Practice your coaching skills so that you can offer clarity in curriculum design and unit writing.

​Participate in a series of Concept-Based lessons so you can experience the power of scaffolding thinking to support understanding.

​Deconstruct lessons so that you can design your own learning experiences that empower students to think conceptually.

Learn the difference between assessments of facts and skills versus assessments of conceptual understanding so you can raise the bar for students.

​Use the bank of resources that we provide to create a coherent and logical presentation suited to the needs of your particular audience.

​Learn from highly experienced trainers who have field-tested CBCI presentations so the structure follows a logical sequence and audiences are able to comfortably process the flow of ideas, concluding: "This makes so much sense!"

Be prepared to answer the commonly asked questions and address misconceptions with confidence, providing succinct, clear, and accurate responses.

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Don't like learning online? Watch the video below!

Andrea Uhl

Erikson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certified Trainer

"Like Rachel said, it is better than any masters program or equivalent perhaps. It just really raised the level of my teaching and it started to spread to the people in my team on what we can do and the confidence I have to be able to speak about what we can do with Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction".

Worried about the financial investment? Watch the video below!

Rasha El-Haggan

Erikson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certified Trainer

"The way I was able to afford the cost, which I think you get your return on investment. You get every single cent of the money you put forward. I worked with my school and they paid half and I paid half. That way I can use my knowledge outside of my school and use it for my own consulting so, if you can go to your school and see if it is something they are willing to do and I would say they would get a major return on investment".

"Don't let the cost be the detractor if you're able to".

Worried about the time investment? Watch the video below!

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Erikson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certified Trainer

"For me, I was very concerned about the (time) commitment. I am a person who when I started something, I don't want to fail. What I thought was going to be really difficult, the two hours every weekend, became the best two hours of the whole pandemic basically. I can only say that the way the training was done was so engaging"!

"The two hours were gone in no time"!